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I originally chose to do a test breeding to see if I could produce an animal that would be more comfortable around people while still retaining the coyote appearance and native intelligence for the movie work I do. The first litter exceeded all my hopes and dreams.

As an animal trainer and dog sport competitor this cross just blows me away. They are super fast learners, picking up complex tricks in only a few iterations, they are incredibly strong and agile for both their size and age and contrary to uneducated beliefs, highly social with strong nerves. As a not unexpected bonus they have incredible sense of smell and great focus for scent work.

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Our Coydog Alumni

I absolutely love my Coydog Loca, she is smart athletic and photogenic! I keep her busy by doing lots of activities with her, agility, nosework, tricks, obedience, taking photos and urban mushing!
Michelle Pierlot, Island Style Pet Grooming
I can’t thank Wildside Coydogs and Bonnie Judd for bringing Fenix and I together. She is absolutely EVERYTHING I was looking for in my next sports dog. Speed, amazingly agile, and INCREDIBLY smart makes this little girl the apple of my eye. Our training sessions are so much fun because she learns and patterns at lightning speed. At home she is my cuddly little couch potatoe, always there for a snuggle and a lick. She is TRUELY the dog of my dreams. Thank you again and I will send updates as we are going to start out competitive agility career this summer!
Brandy & Fenix
 Photo credits: Loca in Snow РPhotographer РMichelle Pierlot